Founded in 2015, CJ & S Geospatial Consultants is based in Midrand South Africa and is 100% black owned which provides a competitive advantage to its clients in respect to their procurement BBBEE scorecard rating, as it has a Level 1 rating.

 The company is a geospatial consulting services provider specializing in GIS and drone topographical survey services to meet the diverse needs of state and local government offices and private industries in Africa.  The company’s key focus areas of service are Open Source GIS training, Landuse mapping, Geological mapping, Site Suitability Analysis, Hydrology Analysis, 3 D Visualisation, Digitising, CAD to GIS conversions, Mine Pillar Collapse Analysis and Business Process Streamlining.

 A well-designed map tells a story and communicates a specific message to the viewer. At CJ&S Consultants , we understand the power of an accurate, engaging map in moving your project forward. Our team offers high quality, accurate maps in a variety of digital and paper formats to meet your needs.The most effective decisions are always made using accurate, high quality data and that’s what we deliver. Our geospatial solutions provide you with the expert data collection, management, and analysis that drives the highest quality projects across numerous disciplines – from mining  to renewable energy development and more. Our leading edge approaches and technologies for data collection, processing, and management ensure highly accurate solutions that allow you to overcome complex challenges with confidence.



Our Mission Statement

We will provide outstanding geospatial services, mapping solutions, and professional support to our clients to enable them to achieve their goals


To Fulfill This Mission We Will:
  • Meet or exceed the expectations of each of our clients
  • Listen to and actively communicate with our clients
  • Build enduring professional client relationships
  • Set the benchmarks for quality in the markets we serve
  • Evolve services in response to our clients’ needs
  • Deliver solutions that will serve our clients’ needs now and into the future
  • Stand behind our services
  • Hire, develop, and retain excellent and motivated professional people
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards in every aspect of our business operation